Meet the Neighbor – Gordie Brown

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By Callie Thomas


Just watching this high octane Las Vegas performer masterfully combine comedy, music and impressions is dizzyingly exhilarating.  In each of his action-packed shows, he pays homage, albeit in the most comical way, to celebs, politicians and pop culture superstars by switching easily into his “alter-egos”.  Resident Gordie Brown not only puts smiles on audience’s faces nightly at the Golden Nugget, he helps give hope to residents in need by sharing his talents to raise funds for numerous charitable organizations throughout the community.

Brown was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. While working as a political cartoonist for the Ottawa Sunday Herald, his co-workers thought it would be a good idea if they entered him in a talent contest. The hunch paid off; Brown took first place.  “My co-workers entered me in this lip-syncing contest without telling me,” Brown said.  “After winning the competition I decided I wanted to learn the real voices and not just lip-syncing.”  The aspiring comedian and impressionist sat front row at a Rich Little show in Ottawa and became transfixed with building a career like Little’s.  He made his way south to Vegas where his goal was to break into the business and work with legendary Canadian performers Paul Anka and Rich Little.  Less than two years later, Brown hit the Vegas jackpot.  He was opening for not only Anka and Little, but other headliners including Jay Leno, Louie Anderson, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Barry Manilow and Jerry Seinfeld. 

Since then, Gordie Brown has won numerous awards, including the coveted “Entertainer of the Year”, and racked up several television appearances with stints on Letterman, Craig Ferguson, EXTRA!, a co-hosting spot on NBC’s “Friday Night Videos” and a starring role in the dramatic series “Twice in a Lifetime.”  When he’s not appearing on stage or on television he fosters his song writing abilities and recently completed his first entirely original CD called “As I Am.”  So what does this extraordinary performer do for an encore?  Well, when the husband and family man isn’t spending time with his wife and five beautiful children, he gives back to the community by doing everything he can to support local organizations that make a difference.  “I think every charity is important, and I am always willing to participate whenever I can,” said Brown.  The list of charities is lengthy and includes Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Eye Care 4 Kids, Veterans of Boulder City, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation, and the recent NF Hope Concert, to name a few. 

NF Hope serves families and individuals with neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder of the nervous system that results in an ineffective tumor suppressor gene, allowing for tumors to grow on any nerve in the body.  The benefit concert provided an opportunity to raise awareness and inform attendees that NF is one of the most common genetic disorders. Affecting more than 100,000 Americans, it’s more widespread than cystic fibrosis, hereditary Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington’s disease and Tay-Sachs combined. Although it is a common disorder, it receives no federal funding, and very few people are aware of it.  Gordie was among the list of celebrity performers to support NF, Inc., giving them a glimpse into his Golden Nugget repertoire.

Even though the funnyman, impressionist, writer, cartoonist and family man lives a whirlwind lifestyle, his genuine and giving nature can be felt throughout the community.  “I care about people, and it is always a good feeling to participate in the events.  I’ve made many lasting memories over the years.” 




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