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The familiar music starts and Gordie Brown approaches the mic and sings, “To all the plants I’ve smoked before.” It’s his comedic rendition of one of Willie Nelson’s (and Julio Iglesias’) biggest hits, “To All the Girls I’ve loved Before.” Hi impression is dead-on. But it’s the comedy that drives the impression home. “The comic angle is the most important thing to me before the impression,” Brown said. “It’s a weird thing because I’m an impressionist, but what I am most is a comedic personality. I’m a comedic entertainer who does impressions as a tool to make his comedy even funnier.”

Twenty years ago Brown got in his car, stepped on the gas and headed to Vegas from Ottawa, Canada. He never looked back. After landing a couple of gigs in Sin City, he headed for L.A. “I figured that I would go to L.A. like a lot of people do and try the acting stuff. I had a great time there but I always knew that I would come back to Vegas, and with the dream of headlining.” His dream came true in 2006 when he headlined a the Venetian. Then Celine Dion came calling. In 2008 Brown took off with her on her North American tour as her opening act. But the place where he once performed was still on his mind. Vegas was calling again.

Brown is headlining once more at the Golden Nugget. His comedy show is chock-full of impressions; his repertoire reaches beyond the 60 mark. You’ll hyperventilate from laughter as you watch Robin Williams, Alan Thicke, Nic Cage, John Travolta and Christopher Walken audition for the next Batman movie. Or bust a gut watching the celebrity golf tournament with Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Ray Romano and Jim Carrey. Brown’s singing chops have garnered him his own album, coming out soon, but he’s also able to morph his voice into greats such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Bob Dylan. Songs made famous by Eminem, Alanis Morissette and Michael Jackson get the Brown treatment; lyrics are turned into punchlines.

Brown’s relationship with the audience is also a standout part of his show. It’s as if you’re an invited guest into his home. His role? The gracious host who makes you feel more than welcome. Inspired by Elvis, Paul Anka and Rich Little, Brown has already carved a sizable notch in the entertainment field himself. But, with a smile in his eyes, he says, “The best is yet to come.”

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